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As part of the withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU, a segment called the Northertn Ireland Protocol was included to stop the creation of a rigid border on the island of Ireland. In addition to stopping the creation of the border, the protocol was also created to allow the UK to leave the EU as a whole. Crucially, Boris Johnson said there would be no control of goods between Northern Ireland and Britain.

To do this, the Specialized Committee on Protocol was created and met for the second time today.Commenting on the implementation of the protocol to maintain the Good Friday agreement, Financial Times editor of public policy, Peter Foster warned Remainers to beware of celebrating the collapse of Mr. Johnson’s agreement on the Brexit, because checks would now be necessary despite his previous claim.

His comment was made in reference to Shadow Northern Ireland secretary Louise Haigh, who criticized the alleged lack of details of the protocol.

The editor of the Financial Times said, “Those remoaner term but you know what I mean the guys who want to rub Mr. Johnson The nose in his “failed” agreement must think VERY carefully about the costs of the protocol.

“We have just spent three years trying to get there.

“Louise Haigh’s political score note, almost of triumphalism here a reminder must be defined again on what the protocol is trying to achieve.

“So let’s wait and see if the problem with NI-GB exit declarations can be resolved. ”

He also criticized the European Research Group for its request to rewrite the withdrawal agreement.

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Brussels also insisted that checks will be necessary to enter Northern Ireland correctly despite Mr Johnson’s previous request.

Deputies on The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee said that the agreement did not properly explain how there could be tariff free trade between Britain and Northern Ireland under this protocol.

The committee concluded: “The UK’s approach depends on the EU granting derogations from export declarations and summary exit declarations.

“Although the government’s interpretation is desirable, it is ultimately up to the EU to grant this concession. “

Overall, the protocol will require the EU to forgo certain controls, although this is not guaranteed.

Chairman of the committee, Simon Hoare, said: “The government can wait for the wire to get details on the customs arrangements, but the companies cannot.

“Those crossing the Irish Sea have been asked to prepare without knowing what to prepare for.

“Now is the time for them to get this clarity, and they must have it by October 1st.” “


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