Brendan Schaub did a 20 mile corona lap after testing positive


While the coronavirus continues to spread terrifyingly in various parts of America, some people still do not take it seriously. This includes UFC heavyweight veteran Brendan Schaub, who has used his podcast and social media platform to minimize the dangers of the virus.

Even contracting the disease himself and passing it on to his family hasn’t changed his mind.

“I started to live my life. I have it, and you know what? I’m fine! He said after doing a comedy tour in Texas, one of COVID-19’s current hotspots.

As if that was not enough for him, Schaub shared photos of bike rides on social networks that he continued after he started to feel better. The California government asked people who tested positive for coronavirus.

Schaub has since deleted the messages that show it and are tracking its positive results, but of course the Internet never forgets:

Schaub’s persistent insistence that the virus is not a problem comes at a time when states like Arizona, Texas and Florida are sitting on the edge where hospital beds, medicines for treatment and PPE for health care providers are poor. While many of those who catch the virus are indeed recovering fairly quickly with no serious health consequences, it seems selfish to ignore the reality that this virus kills many and seriously damages the bodies of many others.


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