Brazil exceeds 2 million cases of coronavirus: live updates | News on the coronavirus pandemic


  • The number of coronavirus cases in Brazil has exceeded two million, doubling in less than a month, the United States having exceeded 3.5 million infections.
  • The UN aid chief said coronavirus support for poor countries has so far been “extremely insufficient”, urging the G20 to increase aid or “pay the price later”.
  • More than 13.7 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with COVID-19, while more than 7.7 million have recovered and more than 588,000 have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the latest updates.

Friday July 17

01:47 GMT – Algeria plans law to protect doctors as attacks escalate

Algeria is planning a law to protect health workers after an increase in “physical and verbal attacks” since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in the country, announced the office of Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

The incidents also involved in some cases “acts of damage and destruction of public property and medical equipment,” the Tebboune office said in a statement.

01:08 GMT – UK increases health care funding to ward off winter wave of COVID-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to pay three billion pounds ($ 3.77 billion) to the National Health Service (NHS) of England to try to counter any resurgence of the coronavirus.

“The Prime Minister is clear that this is not the time to be complacent, and we must ensure that our NHS is ready for battle for the winter,” a spokesperson said at a conference. press organized by Johnson Friday afternoon.

The United Kingdom is the most affected country in Europe by COVID-19, with a death toll of more than 45,000 confirmed cases.

Leeds General Hospital staff participate in a National NHS celebration clap in Leeds on July 5, 2020 [Oli Scarff/ AFP]

00:30 GMT – Cases in Brazil reach 2 million, doubling in less than a month

Brazil has surpassed the two million confirmed coronavirus cases, with little evidence that the rate of increase is slowing as anger grows over President Jair Bolsonaro’s management of the epidemic.

In recent weeks, nearly 40,000 new cases confirmed per day, according to government figures, and it only took 27 days for Brazil’s total workload to drop from one million to two million cases.

On Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in Brazil was 2,012,151, while the deaths were 76,688.

Experts blame Bolsonaro’s denial of the deadly potential of the virus and the lack of national coordination combined with dispersed responses from city and state governments, some reopening earlier than health experts have recommended.

00:17 GMT – “Intensify now or pay later”: the G20 is invited to support poor countries

Coronavirus support for poor countries has so far been “extremely insufficient and dangerously short-sighted,” said UN chief aid officer Mark Lowcock as he asked wealthy countries. billions of dollars more.

The United Nations has increased its humanitarian appeal by more than a third to $ 10.3 billion to help 63 states, mainly in Africa and Latin America, to combat the spread and destabilizing effects of the coronavirus. This is an increase from the global organization’s initial request for $ 2 billion in March, and then up to $ 6.7 billion in May.

So far, said Lowcock, the UN has only received $ 1.7 billion.

As finance ministers from the Group of 20 major economies prepare to meet virtually on Saturday, Lowcock told reporters, “The message to the G20 is getting stronger now or will pay the price later.”

“So far, the response of wealthy countries, which have rightly thrown fiscal and monetary rules to protect their own people and their economy, the response they have given to the situation in other countries has been extremely inadequate and dangerously short-sighted. “

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