Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman go missing, the Fiend returns to extreme WWE rules


At the WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman faced off against Bray Wyatt in a Wyatt Swamp fight. “I’m at home,” said Strowman when he saw Wyatt. Wyatt disappeared, and the camera showed a sign that said, “Give up hope, you who come in here. Strowman fought off a few thugs as the camera turned to Wyatt to encourage Strowman. Strowman was attacked by his evil twin, who wore a black sheep mask. The camera faded to darkness when the villainous Strowman hit his counterpart with a shovel. Strowman awoke chained to a chair in Wyatt’s lair. Wyatt headed for the lair with his old lantern and his classic theme song playing in the background.

“Welcome home, Braun,” said Wyatt. Strowman said he hated Wyatt. “You can’t hurt me,” said Wyatt. ” I am already dead. Wyatt said he missed Strowman, although he was proud of himself. Grabbing Strowman by the throat, Wyatt yelled at him and said he was not Strowman’s enemy. Wyatt told Strowman that together they could be like gods. Strowman has vowed to send Wyatt back to hell. Wyatt said he would never return to the pit he was trapped in. Strowman said he would never follow Wyatt’s orders again. A snake bit Strowman and passed out again. He regained consciousness in the face of a fire and fought other morons.

A moron caught fire, and Strowman laughed while the man burned. A female voice called Strowman and asked him to come home. The voice turned out to belong to Alexa Bliss and told her that they would have stopped being together if he returned. Wyatt came out of the fog and attacked Strowman, the monster among men threw Wyatt onto a dock and into a boat. The boat sped into the swamp, but it came back. Wyatt’s body was gone. Wyatt got out of the water and tried to shoot Strowman down. Both men disappeared underwater, but Strowman resurfaced and emerged from the swamp.

Wyatt appeared out of nowhere and the two continued to fight. Wyatt attacked Strowman with a boat paddle and yelled. “Look what you made me do,” he cried. “I didn’t want this. “

Strowman threw Wyatt off a bridge and into the water. “It’s over,” Srtrowman said. But Wyatt emerged and dragged Strowman into the water. The two men disappeared again. The fog turned red and the demon crawled out of the water. The show ended with his laughter.

CONNEXES: WWE The Horror Show à Extreme Rules Results (19/07/20)


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