Bradley Walsh of The Chase opens on fear of health


The huntBradley Walsh has revealed his fear of the “time bomb”.

Talk to The sun, the game’s presenter revealed that he had been warned by doctors that he could die from heart disease if he didn’t improve his fitness and diet.

“I was a time bomb. I make too much cholesterol, ”he said. “He’s a silent killer. My heart said, ‘Look, Brad, you need to get back in shape.’ “

Bradley explained how he was afraid to give up alcohol and carbohydrates altogether after his father died of inherited heart disease.


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“I hung up because my father, Daniel, died at the age of 59,” he said. “I thought I should just be over my father’s age. So being 60 was a bit of a milestone.

“I was 33 when he died. I had just done the performance of the Royal Variety Show which helped launch my career, but my father died of heart failure two weeks later and I never could see him.

“Once you know it’s hereditary, you start having regular tests. Of course, this is a concern. “

Bradley went on to say that he was tested every two years with a full medical exam, having his arteries checked regularly.

bradley walsh on beating the pursuers


“I’m not on statins but what my hearty guy said was, ‘Look, Brad, if you start training, all that [cholesterol] will fall. You have to get back in shape. “”

He added, “I was very lucky with the calcium test, but my doctor said that I produced too much cholesterol.

“I said to myself, ‘Oh, I’m a moron, I’m going to be in trouble here if I don’t lose weight and start managing this.’ I decided to stay consciously stuck. So touch the wood, it will be fine. ”

The hunt aired on weekdays on ITV.

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