Brad Parscale replaced as Trump campaign manager


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Brad Parscale will continue to be part of the Trump campaign

Faced with a difficult re-election campaign, US President Donald Trump replaced his campaign manager.

Trump said he replaced Bill Stepien, field manager for his 2016 campaign, in place of Brad Parscale.

Parscale – who was allegedly blamed by Trump’s inner circle for an ill-attended rally in Oklahoma last month – will remain as senior adviser.

Opinion polls show that the president is following his Democratic opponent Joe Biden before the November elections.

Trump’s statement on Wednesday evening said, “Brad Parscale, who has been with me for a very long time and has led our great digital and data strategies, will remain in this role, while being senior advisor to the campaign. ”

Parscale has reportedly been sidelined in recent weeks after the President’s rally in Tulsa failed.

Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both White House advisers, are said to have accused Mr. Parscale of the breakup.

Parscale boasted that over a million people signed up to attend, but fewer than 6,200 showed up at the arena, said the local fire department.

After the rally, Mr. Parscale went on Twitter to blame a blocked security barrier, protesters and the media for the disappointing turnout.

His role as Trump strategist has apparently turned out to be lucrative for the 44-year-old man who bought a $ 2.4 million waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last year.


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