BPL virtual panel to discuss climate change, New York transit amid COVID-19


On Wednesday, July 22, the Brooklyn Public Library is launching a virtual edition of Climate Wednesdaydays – a series of panel discussions on climate and how it relates to other pressing issues.Wednesday’s panel is titled “Where To Go Next? Fuel-Free Transportation in a Pandemic and Beyond, ”and will discuss climate change and New York’s transit system in the midst of the pandemic. The panel will take place from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Transportation is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, writes BPL. As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new set of transit problems to the country’s most extensive metro network and slowest bus service, the panel will ask: How can we get our transportation system back in common struggling back on track and heading where we need to go. go in a climate-friendly way?

The event will be hosted by Emily Nonko, an award-winning freelance journalist based in Brooklyn. His writings cover real estate, architecture, urban planning, design, transit, history, and the effects of climate change on New York City. She regularly contributes to Le Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Next City and Curbed New York.

The panel will include Vanessa Barrios, head of the Regional Plan Association, Brooklyn organizer for Transportation Alternatives Dulcie Canton, Allison Considine, representative of the Sierra Club’s clean transportation campaign, and Renae Reynolds, New York City Environmental Justice transportation planner. Alliance.

Registration for the webinar is available on the BPL website. Viewers will receive a link to the event once they have RSVP.

Upcoming Wednesday climate sessions will include “Natural Allies: Working with Nature to Combat Climate Change” on August 26th and “Green Collar Jobs: Making a Living, Forging a Better World” on September 16.


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