‘Bonafide Pure Hoopers’: NBA Legend Predicts James Harden to Lead Houston Rockets to NBA Title


The Houston Rockets haven’t won a title since Hakeem Olajuwon brought them back in 1995. Since then, many great players have played for the team, but haven’t made it. One of them is the double scorer champion, Tracy McGrady. TMac played for the Rockets for six years but never won a title. But he believes superstar James Harden can end this 25-year franchise drought.McGrady made an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump and spoke about the Rockets’ chances for a title. He praised Harden and said: “We are talking about a guy who likes to play basketball every night. James Harden is going to have the opportunity of his life to win a championship, more than ever. Having four months off, losing 20 pounds, what else do you want? It is going to be fresher than ever.

Can James Harden bring the Houston Rockets to a title?

Mcgrady says the hopes of the Rockets rest on Harden and Russell Westbrook.

“They’ve got two guys you could put anywhere on earth, (even) on Mars, who can wake up out of bed and play basketball. These guys are just real hoops. Superstars need fans; they need that energy to come from the fans. Westbrook and Harden don’t need it. If they can stay healthy, the Rockets will be a very dangerous team, especially with this man (Harden) having four months of rest to rest.

James Harden’s stats on ESPN

Harden is an elite scorer and is on track to win a third consecutive title. However, his scoring rate has always dropped during the playoffs. These numbers are still respectable, but his FG has also fallen. Westbrook also struggled in the playoffs. His FG% hasn’t even reached 40% in the past three seasons.

If this backcourt of two former MVPs can reach their best form, it will be a scary sight for any team. Harden is not only one of the league’s top scorers, but he’s also one of the top playmakers. Westbrook also offers similar play and can grab some crucial rebounds as well. Coach Mike D’Antoni will capitalize on his small ball plan to work in Orlando and hope his superstars can deliver when it counts.

Russell Westbrook et James Harden


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