Bombing of Ryanair: Police Investigate Incident at Oslo Airport


Police are investigating a bomb alert against a Ryanair flight that landed in Oslo, authorities said.

“The plane landed safely on the runway,” Norwegian police said on Friday in a statement.

They added that the situation was under control and that officers had arrested a 51-year-old Briton suspected of being behind the threat.

It is understood that the man will be questioned as soon as possible.

Police said all passengers on the plane have now been evacuated and that the plane will be examined by the emergency authorities.

The plane flew to Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway’s main international airport, from London Stansted Airport, according to the Danish Defense Command.

Danish military F-16 planes rushed to escort the plane to Norway, the organization wrote on its Twitter account.

“A crew on a Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Oslo today discovered a note that said there was a potential threat to safety on board,” a Ryanair spokesperson told Reuters.

“The captain followed the procedures and went to Oslo Airport where the plane landed safely. The customers remained on board while the authorities conducted a security search. ”

It was the second bomb threat to a Ryanair plane this week after a flight from Krakow to Dublin was forced to land when a note was discovered claiming there were explosives on board.

Police said nothing suspicious was found when officers checked the plane and two men were arrested on suspicion of threatening to endanger an aircraft.

The two men, a 26-year-old man and a 47-year-old man, were in police custody Tuesday afternoon.

Reuters additional reports


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