Bolton: Trump’s time watching TV versus the oval desk “would be a very interesting statistic”


Former National Security Advisor John BoltonJohn Bolton Sunday preview: Lawmakers tackle alarming spike in coronavirus cases. Trump administration plans pandemic office at State Department: Bolton book report sells 780,000 copies in first week, expected to exceed 1 million printed copies PLUS suggested Sunday that President TrumpDonald John TrumpThe protesters destroy the statue of Christopher Columbus to Baltimore “Independence Day” star Bill Pullman, urging Americans to wear a “mask of freedom” on July 4. pays more attention to television than to its advisers.”I think it’s a combination of television and listening to people outside of government that he trusts for one reason or another,” Bolton said on CBS ‘Face the Nation on Sunday.

“I think if you could synchronize the time he actually spends in the oval office with the time he spends in the little dining room of the oval office with the cable information networks of some form or another would be a very interesting statistic, “he added.

Bolton also said he maintained his April 2018 comment that the United States was pursuing the “Libyan model” for North Korea, a remark that Trump has frequently criticized, telling Fox News that it was “the one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen on TV. ”

“I don’t think I could be clearer in talking about the 2003-2004 Libyan model, we had a clear strategic decision for Muammar Gaddafi to give up Libya’s nuclear weapons program, we never had that North Korea, “said Bolton. , claiming that the overthrow and death of Gaddafi during the Arab Spring in 2011 were unrelated.

“Someday the president will learn some history and we will be better for it,” added Bolton.

Bolton wondered if he had ever encountered reports that Russian officials had offered bonuses to militants linked to the Taliban for the deaths of American troops in Afghanistan.

“I will not comment on what I did or did not know about the information,” he said.

Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser at the time, had previously claimed that the information surfaced during Bolton’s term and said he would bring it to the president.

“I have said this in countless other interviews, I will not divulge classified information, I am already struggling with the president who is trying to suppress my book on this,” said Bolton.


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