Blake Shelton’s fake skin care routine is too crass to be real


In 2001, a young man in his twenties from Ada, Oklahoma, made a big splash in Nashville with his first single. The song “Austin” could be heard on country music radio stations across the country.

The athletic mule behind the song was called Blake Shelton. Hardly anyone would have guessed at the time that Shelton would go on to have the career he had or that he would in fact be named “the sexiest man in the world” by People magazine in 2017.

While Shelton won the title of “Sexiest Man Alive,” his style in the early 2000s was undoubtedly questionable. At the time, Shelton also used a very unique skincare routine. Read on to learn more about Shelton’s old skincare routine and how Gwen Stefani helped him clean up his act.

Don’t go to Blake Shelton for skin care advice

Blake Shelton | Banque de photos Art Streiber / NBC / NBCU

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If you’re looking to embrace a new skincare routine, don’t look for advice from Shelton. After being named “the sexiest man in country music” in 2008, comedian Jeff Foxworthy asked Shelton what his secrets were for being so sexy. Shelton let Foxworthy be part of his skin care routine to keep him young and beautiful.

In the interview, Shelton joked, “I like to use saline when I put my contacts on, it tends to run down my face when I put them on. [That’s what gives me that glow], and people don’t realize what it does.

While this may have been Shelton’s skin care routine in the early 2000s, you can look for skin care tips elsewhere if you want real results.

Living life like one of the sexiest men in the world

Since arriving on the music scene in the early 2000s, Shelton has stolen the hearts of many. He has also been regularly named one of the sexiest men in the world, against many star-studded celebrities. Shelton has always had this star power.

Even with that mullet, he joked to Foxworthy that he was also clean with saline. If only it was so easy for everyone to maintain beauty with the power of saline.

Shelton never put much value on being voted “the sexiest man in the world” and regularly makes jokes about his appearance. Shelton is a country boy at heart and never quite lived up to the industry’s fashion expectations.

However, Shelton’s style has certainly changed over the years and especially for the better. Luckily for Shelton, he has met women throughout his life who have helped him achieve sleeker looks, more appealing hairstyles, and better skin care routines. One of those amazing women is Shelton’s future wife, Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani helps Blake improve his game

Shelton’s future wife is a music legend in her own right. Stefani hit the music scene in the 1990s as the group’s lead singer Without a doubt. Stefani has had great success with the band and has also found huge success in his solo career.

Although their styles of music are very different, the paths of the two stars finally crossed in 2015. Stefani and Shelton first met in the singing competition. The voice, where they both acted as coaches.

The couple have been together for almost five years now and are looking to tie the knot soon. The couple appear to come from different worlds, but have somehow reached a dynamic that works well for their relationship.

Stefani and Shelton both learned a lot from each other, on their show, in the music industry and in life in general. For Blake’s sake, hopefully, one thing Stefani has taught her is a proper skin care routine that goes beyond saline.


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