Black MLS players raise gloved fists at anti-racial justice rally before first game


As the starters for the Orlando City and Inter Miami teams knelt, there was a silence of eight minutes and 46 seconds.More than 100 people participated in the pre-match event. The black players were dressed in black shirts with slogans like “Silence is Violence”, “Black All The Time” and “Black and Proud”. Their black masks said, “Black Lives Matter”.

Toronto defender Justin Morrow said earlier today that the group wanted to send a message that the players “were standing up for our brothers and sisters in this fight for racial equality and human rights,” said Tennessean newspaper. ”

MLS is hosting a tournament for the 26 league teams – one team has had to drop out – as it returns to action. All players remain in a central location under the league’s coronavirus protocols.

The length of the silence was a tribute to George Floyd, who died on May 25 while in police custody. It was originally reported that a Minneapolis police officer, now licensed, had a knee around his neck during this time.

Black Players for Change was formed on June 19 (June 19) as The Black Players Coalition of MLS and has recently changed its name.


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