“Black Forest Rambo” arrested after five days of manhunt in Germany


The suspect was identified as Yves Rausch, 31, and received the nickname in local media and social media after he went missing in the forest after an altercation with police.

Police reported on Sunday that officers had been called over a man “dressed in camouflage” carrying a bow and arrows.

Rausch first cooperated with the officers, before threatening them with a gun and successfully disarming them from their “service weapons” before disappearing into the forest.

“A significant force of several hundred emergency services” and helicopters have been deployed around the town of Oppenau for search efforts, authorities said.

Juergen Rieger, the head of the search operation, said Rausch was found sitting in a bush “with four weapons visible in front of him” after a denunciation by two witnesses, the Agence France-Presse news agency reported. .

Reiger added that Rausch had an ax in his lap, another gun and there was a letter in front of him, AFP reported.

Friday’s arrest ends a five-day search that has gripped the area. As of Thursday morning, local time, investigators had received more than 270 clues from the public about Rausch’s whereabouts in the forest.

Police have reason to believe that Rausch had “no permanent residence” and potentially lived in the forest.


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