Biden presents $ 2 billion plan for carbon-free electricity by 2035


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Joe Biden in Delaware: “We are not just going to tinker”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has presented an ambitious $ 2 billion (£ 1.6 billion) green energy plan to create carbon-free electricity by 2035.

In the United States, the proposal to reduce emissions would result in investments in clean energy infrastructure over a four-year period.

“Let’s not waste any more time,” said Mr. Biden at a campaign event in his home state of Delaware, adding, “Let’s get to work now. ”

His focus on climate issues contrasts with President Donald Trump.

Trump previously called climate change “mythical” and “expensive hoaxes,” but also later described it as “a serious subject.”

“When Donald Trump thinks about climate change, the only word he can find is a hoax,” said Biden during the Build Back Better campaign in Wilmington. “When I think of climate change, the word I think of is jobs. ”

The former vice president added, “We are not just going to tinker around the edges. ”

Biden’s campaign staff said they would provide details on how the plan to “generate electricity without producing carbon pollution” would work and how it could be funded in the coming weeks.

The Democratic presidential candidate has previously pledged to raise taxes for big business and reverse Trump’s tax cuts for high wages.

Biden also said he would join the Paris climate deal, which Trump withdrew from the United States in 2017.

As election day approaches and his ballot advance continues, Joe Biden becomes more ambitious with his proposed presidential program for the first term.

The latest decision, facing the threat of climate change, targets a major problem for many in the Liberal base of the Democratic Party.

The former vice president’s original proposal, released last year, called for $ 1.7 billion in green infrastructure and jobs over 10 years. It has been widely dismissed by environmental activists as too little, too slowly.

His latest plan, $ 2 billion over four years, has received much more enthusiasm, including from groups like the Sunrise movement, which endorsed Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries and viewed Mr. Biden with skepticism.

At the very least, Biden’s announcement could help consolidate his political left flank as he prepares to face Donald Trump in November.

The Conservatives were quick to condemn the plan as a prodigy of the great government, but the scope of Mr. Biden’s proposal could reflect rapidly changing views on what is possible in a political world reshaped by the coronavirus.

Massive public spending and trillion dollar budget deficits are already a reality. Biden’s goal, with his big climate change proposal, is to keep the budget ball rolling toward his party’s priorities.

Responding to Mr. Biden’s proposal, Trump campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley said it read “like a socialist manifesto that promises to massively raise taxes, cut jobs in industries.” coal, oil or natural gas and crush the middle class. ”

“He cannot in any case sell this radical program to unionized workers in energy producing, manufacturing or automotive states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan or Wisconsin,” added Mr. Gidley.

The economy is expected to be a key theme in the 2020 US presidential election, to be held on November 3.

It will take place after the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, which has pushed tens of millions of Americans out of work.


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