Biden announces $ 2 trillion climate plan


Early Tuesday evening, in an appearance at the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Trump launched into a disjointed attack against his adversary full of lies and baseless claims, while seeking to radically paint Mr. Biden and his environmental plan .

“Mr. Biden’s agenda is by far the most extreme platform of all the major party candidates in American history,” said Mr. Trump. Referring to Mr. Biden’s main opponent, progressive senator Bernie Sanders, he continued, “I think it’s worse than Bernie’s platform.”

In fact, many Liberals have long been unenthusiastic about Biden, a former Delaware senator who strongly opposes a series of progressive priorities: he said he did not support “insurance- sickness for all ”or police funding, it has not fully endorsed the Green New Deal and has reservations about the legalization of marijuana. His record on issues such as criminal justice has drawn strong criticism from the left, and some members of his party regard his reverence for bipartite agreements as naive.

Yet his climate plan seems to have made some progress with progressive Democrats.

“This is not a standstill plan,” said Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, a prominent environmentalist who waged a climate-focused campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination and then endorsed Biden.

He added: “It’s complete. It is not a kind of “Let me throw a bone to those who care about climate change”. »M. Inslee described the proposal as “visionary”.

Biden’s plan outlines specific and ambitious goals, including achieving an emissions-free energy sector by 2035 and modernizing four million buildings over four years to meet the highest standards. energy efficiency.

Biden’s remarks have at times assumed a populist tendency, directly challenging Mr. Trump’s efforts to woo workers in the industrial Midwest with promises of “America First” employment policies. While Mr. Biden discussed the conversion of government vehicles to electric vehicles, he promised that “the American auto industry and its vast supply base will increase, increasing capacity so that the United States, not the China, be the world leaders in the production of clean vehicles ”.


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