Ben Stiller reveals why he refuses to remove Donald Trump’s cameo from ‘Zoolander’ despite several requests


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“Without Derek Zoolander, male modeling would not be what it is today.”

This is the extent of Donald Trump’s cameo in the 2001 comedy sensation Zoolander.

Asset, then 55, he was on the heels of his first presidential campaign in 2000 during which he resigned after preliminary polls indicated he had only seven percent electoral support. It was still two years before The apprentice took him to all the salons in America, and he didn’t propose to the woman featured in the clip below for three years.

Zoolander star and director Ben Stiller told the Daily Beast Podcast The new abnormal how the celebrity entrepreneur of List B days became part of the production.

“We were shooting the late VH1 Fashion Awards that are now gone … and as people walked up to the red carpet, we put them aside and asked them to talk about Derek Zoolander, and so Trump and Melania did it Said Stiller to the podcast.

Stiller added: “I have had people contact me and say, ‘You should edit Donald Trump Zoolander, ‘ but at the end of the day, it was a moment that existed and happened. “

Trump’s IMDb page is sneaky, securing 27 actor credits to his name with works such as Zoolander, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, two weeks notice, The prince of Bel-Air, Sex and city, Soudain Susan, WrestleMania 23, and yes, even The little rascals.

In 2017, Matt Damon described the very Trumpian way in which the Donald would slip into our televisions.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Matt Damon revealed that whenever film productions asked to film in one of these buildings, the self-absorbed Trump would insist that a part be written for him in the film.

« [Director] Martin Brest must have written something The scent of a woman – and the whole team was in there, “said Damon,” You have to waste an hour of your day on bullshit: Donald Trump enters and Al Pacino says, “Hello, Mr. Trump!” – you had to call him by name – and then he goes out. “

“You waste a little time getting the license, then you can cut the scene. But I guess Home alone 2 they left it. ” [via NME]


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