Belgium Resort Pairi Daza offers a room with a zoo


(CNN) – Still want to wake up with a walrus? Those who decide to stay overnight at the park can choose from a variety of accommodations located at the eastern end of the park, in areas (or “worlds”) called The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold.

The resort offers 100 rooms with eight different themes and wildlife views.

A curious brown bear gazes into a room at Pairi Daiza Resort.

Pairi Daiza

The rooms offer views of wildlife such as wolves and bears, sea lions, Siberian tigers, penguins, polar bears and walruses.

Stays in the Cold Land include The Walrus House, where rooms evoke the feeling of sleeping in a snow cave, with a glass partition that opens directly onto the aquatic habitat of the walrus.

Polar Bear House rooms offer the choice of gazing at polar bears above ground or in the water – the window seat is particularly impressive.

Love at first sight at the Polar Bear House.

Love at first sight at the Polar Bear House.

Pairi Daiza

The stay includes access to the park 24 hours a day, breakfast and dinner, wifi and non-alcoholic drinks in the room. Prices for a two-day, one-night package start at 129 euros ($ 150 USD) per person.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the station instituted mask and social distancing requirements to protect both customers and staff.


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