BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker makes emotional appeal for help to replace him after ‘sad news’


BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker posted a dramatic tweet following the sad disappearance of a much-loved companion on Monday morning.The Football Focus presenter announced that his beloved barbecue had turned into a kaput after years of “good and loyal service” and that he needed help.

He asked his Twitter followers if they had any recommendations as he embarked on the difficult process of replacing his trusty device.

Dan posted a photo of his burnt barbecue to his 667,000 Twitter followers.

Dan’s barbecue had been a loyal companion for 18 years

He wrote: “Sad news… after 18 years of loyal service – and thousands of sausages – our barbecue is dead.

“Any suggestions for a replacement? ” He asked.

“There seems to be too much to choose from. ”

Its followers flocked to respond with their recommendations, with a heated debate on the best brands that followed in the comments.

Dan said he started doing his own makeup

Dan later posted a selfie to reveal he was starting to do his own makeup before his presentations.

Many styling and makeup teams are still not allowed on TV sets due to the coronavirus pandemic, which means newbies are being thrown to the deep end.

But Dan beamed into the camera as he congratulated his own efforts, writing, “Hello… I’m almost going to get to know that DIY TV makeup… Meet on the couch starting at 6am #BBCBreakfast”.

Some of her fans were far from convinced as one of them wrote, “Looks like you maybe overdone it a bit with your Nan’s orange puff.”

Another remarked, “Is this the light or do you have a Trump glow going”.

A third struggled to cope without an update on Dan’s barbecue situation, responding, “… but did you choose a barbecue ?! ”

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* BBC Breakfast broadcast weekdays on BBC1 at 6 a.m.


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