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The Chicago Cubs PLAY A BASEBALL GAME THIS EVENING. It’s the first time they’ve done it since March 11, and it’s a 7 p.m. CT exhibition game against the White Sox at Wrigley Field. You can watch on Marquee Sports Network (Cubs broadcast), NBC Sports Chicago (White Sox broadcast) or ESPN (national broadcast, local blackout). Kyle Hendricks, starter of the Cubs opening day, will take the ball.It’s been 130 days:

• I don’t know if the Cubs-Sox will do that sort of thing in Chicago tonight, but god damn it, it’s a huge appetite in New York for fake baseball:

• It’s cool that the return of (fake) baseball for the Cubs is against the Sox, which the Cubs will also see six times in the regular season. And man, the White Sox sure have some exciting young players. Luis Robert is pretty ridiculous – he hit two MAMMOTH home homers yesterday in the White Sox intrasquad game:

• I wonder what the future of Gatorade baths will look like in the 2020 season. I think you can still do that, right?

(Photo de David Banks / Getty Images)

• Cubs hit coach Anthony Iapoce on Willson Contreras: “He was one of the guys who sent me a video [during the three-month break], and you didn’t even really have to criticize or do anything. You just say, “Keep doing what you do.” “(

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• It should be noted that the four guys on this list most likely to get caught in Rule 5 are also the four guys from South Bend:

• Marquez is so obvious that we don’t need to discuss. Most believe that Thompson is a future big league player, but having missed most of last year due to injury and then having no minor league season this year, it’s much more difficult to say s ‘there is a real risk of being selected. This may depend on the existence of an autumn league and its appearance. Abbott was the Cubs Pitcher of the Year for a reason, although he didn’t go over AA there’s probably at least a chance he wouldn’t be selected either (again, a team might- she see her cursor and thinks it might be a quick convert pen for a year so they can keep it?). I tend to think he added. As for Morel, he hasn’t even played High-A yet, so any team that takes him should do so as an extreeeeeeme reserve, which is hard to do with position players. Even with guys like Delino Deshields, Jr. and Odubel Herrera, they had just played AA before they were selected. Morel will have played at Low-A, then had a non-season. I don’t think he’s a realistic threat to be selected, which isn’t a comment on his prospect status. It just needs a lot more development time.

• Also, a broad rule 5 has been thinking about this offseason: in a world where teams cut spending dramatically, it stands to reason that you might see a bit more aggression in draft rule 5 (and also some protection more aggressive prospects before her). I could see teams getting particularly aggressive by taking marginal types of starts that they wanted to immediately convert to a big league reliever enclosure (or at least get an almost free shot to see how it could go).

• If you missed it yesterday, David Ross said Nico Hoerner and Jason Kipnis (no mention of David Bote) were his two main options at second base. Interesting.

• A reminder on the potential fear of COVID-19:

• I have only had a fever of 104+ once in my life and when I was in emergency care I could not remember my address. It terrified me. Continue to distance yourself socially, wear a mask while on the go, and support the efforts of others who are trying to limit the spread of this virus.

• Speaking of which, the Cubs did what they could to make Wrigley Field as easy as possible for players and staff to stay safe and secure:

• It’s wild:



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