Bars exploited loophole to serve alcohol outside


ALBANY – Bars that only serve alcohol to customers have never been allowed to reopen during the ongoing pandemic, but have seized a loophole in New York law in which there is no distinction between restaurants that serve food and establishments that primarily serve drinks, Governor Andrew Says Mr. Cuomo.

“We never allowed the bars to reopen. Most states have not allowed bars to operate, ”Cuomo said Tuesday morning. “New Jersey does not allow bars to operate. Bars are congregations of people on the move – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid. “

He said “it was just a violation from the start” for bars to open up outdoor spaces for patrons to congregate and drink. “Outdoor dining is different.… You sit at a table and eat,” he says. “When you have dinner, you are at a table; you don’t get up and go from table to table… not standing, playing.

The governor stopped before saying bars would be forced to close, but noted that 27 liquor licenses have been suspended statewide and more than 400 establishments have received citations.

“They were never supposed to introduce outdoor drinking. The words are ‘eat al fresco’, ‘he said. “They took advantage of the outdoor meals and took the opportunity to drink outside. This is not what the regulations allowed. … I’m not changing the rules. They exploited the existing regulations. “

Also on Tuesday, the governor said 31 states are now on the state’s quarantine list, with 10 more added on Tuesday and just one – Minnesota – was removed. Delaware was kicked off the list after being taken off last week.

“Our future is in their hands,” Cuomo said of other states where the coronavirus is on the rise. “We may not be unified as a nation as we should be, but we are going to have national unity in the path of COVID. A state cannot protect itself from this virus. “


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