Banksy flight returned from Italy to France


A work attributed to Banksy stolen from Bataclan in Paris in 2019 was found in an abandoned Italian farm

ROME – A tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks in 2015 by street artist Banksy was paid on Tuesday in France after the discovery of the stolen work in Italy.

The image of a grieving girl was stencilled and painted in white on an emergency door of the Bataclan concert hall in Paris where ISIS gunmen killed 90 people there. is almost five years old.

He was found last month in the attic of an abandoned farm in the Italian region of Abruzzo.

The chief prosecutor of Aquila, the capital of Abruzzo, and the Italian police chief in charge of cultural heritage handed over the work to French ambassador Christian Masset during a ceremony on July 14.

The work will be exhibited at the French Embassy and sent to France next Tuesday.

Works by Banksy, known for their distinctive style, irreverent humor and stimulating themes, were found on the walls, buildings and bridges of the West Bank during Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

At auction, the artist’s works – which keep his identity secret – sold for more than a million dollars.

– Flight captured on video –

Hooded thieves had managed to catch the Bataclan’s work by cutting through the metal door of the club, a scene filmed on video by surveillance cameras.

Last month, six people were arrested in France for theft. Two have been charged with theft from an organized gang and the other four have received stolen property.

The works of Banksy, today one of the most renowned contemporary artists in the world, often highlight social problems such as migration or racism.

In recent weeks, he has published on his Instagram account a drawing showing a burning candle setting fire to the American flag above a photo of a black man, in homage to George Floyd, the American man whose death in Police custody has sparked protests across the country. .

He also published a drawing of people slaughtering a statue, a reference to attacks on monuments or statues of historical figures linked to slavery or colonization.


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