Banksy filmed as he sprays the London Underground with a coronavirus message


Bristol street artist Banksy covered the inside of an underground London car with a message about the spread of the coronavirus.The enigmatic graffiti artist posted a video on his Instagram account showing how he got into a metro and sprayed his familiar rats by sneezing everywhere inside the cars.

The artist appears prominently in the video himself, wearing a mask and PPE costume, before transporting a paint sprayer and stencils on the Circle Line train.

At one point in the video, which Banksy called “If you don’t hide, you don’t get”, he is approached by another traveler and takes them away from the area where he sprayed his graffiti.

The video ends with a message sprayed on the other side of a tubular tunnel which, when read with a second message about closing doors in the foreground, reads: “I get the lock, but I’m getting up, “as the video plays the 1997 Chumbawumba hit Tubthumping.

It is the first public outing of the Bristol artist since his suggestion last month of what should be placed on the base of the statue of Edward Colston.

He suggested, with an illustration of his idea, that the 18th century slave merchant statue should be reassembled on the plinth in the center of Bristol, but with more statues around the demonstrators knocking it down.

The artist had a discreet lock and revealed that he had to cover his own bathroom with his graffiti because he was not allowed out, before supporting the Black Lives Matter protests before the statue Colston was overthrown in Bristol.


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