Baltimore becomes possible site for 2020 Blue Jays home games


TORONTO – The Baltimore Camden Yards have emerged as a possible alternate site for a Toronto Blue Jays team in need of temporary housing.

The Blue Jays are actively exploring the possibility of playing “home” games in Baltimore, industry sources say. However, many other possibilities also seem to remain at stake. Among them: the home of Toronto’s triple-A affiliate, Buffalo’s Sahlen Field and PNC Park, the home of a Pirates team led by former Jays Ben leaders Cherington and Steve Sanders. It is also possible that the Blue Jays can play “home” games at several sites.

With just nine days to go to the Blue Jays home opener, the club need to be open-minded as they work together to seek answers with MLB and MLBPA. But on paper, Camden Yards makes sense for several reasons.

• Players have expressed a preference for a major league stadium, and Camden Yards certainly has the space and equipment to keep players safe and comfortable.

• Throughout September, the Blue Jays and the Orioles are never home at the same time.

• Although scheduling conflicts exist in July and August, the neighboring national park could possibly be used as an alternative site for the dates in question, as his colleague Shi Davidi pointed out on Sunday.

It is not the first time that the Blue Jays have considered playing at the home of a divisional rival. Earlier this summer, they were in touch with the Tampa Bay Rays about the possibility of playing at Tropicana Field, but the spike in COVID-19 cases in Florida has since made the region less attractive.

The federal government announced on Saturday that the Blue Jays would not be allowed to play their home games in Toronto for public health reasons. Since then, the squad’s makers have faced the double challenge of finding a home site and preparing players for Friday’s season opener against the Rays.

At some point, the club will need a resolution, but for the moment, uncertainty persists for staff and players.


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