Bad start for Ryu, the Jays lose


Nationals 6 Blue Jays 4

Second start and second bad start for Hyun-Jin Ryu. He just didn’t seem to have the today. Whatever it is. He wasn’t hitting his spots. He’s not a guy who’s going to throw ’90s but he was throwing even softer than expected. He was staying clear of the fastball, and when he threw one, you saw why.

He went 4.1, allowed 9 hits, 5 earned, 1 walk with 5 strikeouts. He threw a ton of throws (93 in this 4.1) and seemed to have a full count on almost everyone. He seemed to get to the point where he needed to throw a pitch in the middle.

Maybe it’s shortened camp time. Or maybe the heat hit him. Hope he gets there soon. Maybe Reese will catch up with him next time.

Thomas Hatch, on the other hand, was great. 2.2 innings with only 1 hit and 1 step. In his 2 appearances, he got 5 scoreless innings.

Wilmer Font struggled on his second time there. He gave up 3 singles, with only 1 out, to load the bases.

Jacob Waguespack arrived in a difficult situation. He dropped a sack fly but came out of the sleeve. He had a ninth 3-up, 3-down.

On the offensive side, we have to start scoring more points. Some shots with runners on the base would be an idea.

We had 11 hits and 2 steps, with 3 homers and we only scored 4 runs. We have marked:

1 in the first: Bo Bichette hit the second pitch of the game for a brace (a really nice swing, he hit another ball really well but for an out) and Lourdes Gurriel hit him home.

1 to fourth: Teoscar Hernandez has hit a solo homerun, this third of the season. The ball hit a railing above the center wall of the pitch and at first they thought he had started from the wall for a triple, but the review was quick.

1 to seventh: Cavan Biggio had a home run, his second of the season.

1 to eighth: Teoscar has again completed the circuit. He crushed this one.

Gurriel and Hernandez had had 3 hits each. These are the only two that really look good on the plate. Bo had 2 hits, both doubles, one in his first at bat and one in his last, which gave us hope, putting the tie at home with two strikeouts, but Daniel Hudson struck out Cavan Biggio.

We had 0 fors of Vladimir Guerrero (0 for 4, hitting in a double play. He hit a ball his last time, but just in the middle on the left) and Brandon Drury (0 for 3). Well Danny Jansen was 0 for 2 but he had 2 steps and he hit one on the wall in the ninth but Victor Robles had a really nice catch.

I don’t know what to think of Vlad. Really, the only thing they can do is keep sending it out there and hope things get better. Or call his dad and ask him to sit on the bench with Dante.

Derek Fisher came out of the game with a “left quadriceps tightness.” We thought maybe it was just the heat, he didn’t look healthy on the bench.

I mentioned that Bo doubled on the second pitch of the game. On the first pitch, the stick slipped from his hands on the follow-through and caught referee Joe West on the side of the head. There was quite a bit of blood and West left the game, but he came back a few innings later, refereeing in the third.

Jays of the day: Let’s give one to Teoscar (just a .078 WPA, but I guess you deserve a JoD if you hit two home runs) and Hatch (.094). Honorable mention to Gurriel.

Suckage: Ryu (-309) et Vlad (-.144).

The Jays won’t play again until next Tuesday in Atlanta. Of course, with the way things are going this season, I wouldn’t bet the farm will happen. Guess I’ll catch up on the OOTP simulation season.

We had 540 comments in the GameThread. FlipDown Shades took us to a crushing defeat.


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