Baby-Sitters Club recap, episode 7: “Boy Crazy Stacey”


Photo: Liane Hentscher / Netflix /

Welcome to Sea City, sitters! It’s Spring Break (this fictional year is going by and I don’t hate it) and Stacey and Mary Anne have been tasked with the very first BSC travel job: they’ll be going to the beach for the week to watch the Eight Pike Kids. Yes, my friends, it’s “Pike” like in Mallory Pike. I imagine that many viewers already know who Mallory is in the big lore of Le Club Baby-Sitters, but just in case I would just say that the eldest pike will be back at a later date.

Stacey and Mary Anne are delighted to be paid to go on vacation (Richard Spier is a brothel, of course), but the other girls are already missing from their friends. Sure, it’s only a week, but these girls are best friends forever. Capital letters mean it’s serious. You didn’t want to sneak into this group embrace? The two babysitters who leave have lots of plans for a fun but responsible week. Kristy is already everywhere on maintaining the BSC code of conduct even in a different postal code. Things seem to start as well as Stacey and Mary Anne had expected, apart from multiple incidents of vomiting in the car ride and less than ideal weather conditions, but all of these plans are launched in the cold, harsh sea by the time Scott the rescuer reveal.


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