Australian MP Nicolle Flint wears trash bag to denounce sexist ‘garbage’ remarks about her appearance | World news


An Australian politician carried a trash bag to protest what she condemned as sexist “junk” remarks about her appearance.

Liberal MP Nicolle Flint posted a one-minute video on Twitter in response to an article by ABC columnist and broadcaster Peter Goers, who poked fun at her “pearl earrings and a pearly smile. », As well as his clothes.

Mr Goers criticized his “vast wardrobe of tight, black, ankle-length, stiletto-heeled blazers, coats and pants.”

In the Twitter video, Ms. Flint recalled past experiences of misogyny in her career.

“I put up with a lot as a woman in politics,” she said, while wearing a black coat with the very shoes and pants Mr. Goers had commented on.

“Police accused a creepy old man of harassing me, my campaign office was vandalized (with graffiti) calling me a skank and a prostitute who charges $ 60 an hour. ”

“So, Mr. Goers,” continued Mrs. Flint, removing her coat to reveal the trash bag underneath.

“What I want to know is what should a woman wear in politics?”

“How about a trash bag, to match your view of the garbage?” ”

The video garnered widespread support, including tweets from several other female politicians.

Australian Labor Party MP Anika Wells wrote: “Be genuine but appeal widely. Be charming, but don’t try too hard.

“Put together, but not like you spend a lot of time there. Made but not like you care so much.

“Confident, but modest you know?” I’m with Nicolle Flint. The standards expected of women politicians are rubbish. “

Ms Flint is not the first Australian politician to publicly speak out against sexism.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Australian Labor Party leader from 2010 to 2013 – condemned sexist behavior and sexist double standards in a speech in parliament in 2012.

Ms Gillard faced constant comments about the way she dressed, how she sounded and also that she was single and childless.

And most recently, Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young won a defamation case against former Senator David Leyonhjelm in a series of ‘slut’ interviews in 2018.


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