As the U.S. fights 60,000 new cases daily, Britain and France – facing only 500 cases – impose new nationwide mask restrictions



Faced with around 500 new infections each day, England and France both announced new national mask mandates on Tuesday to curb the slight resurgence of the virus, highlighting a clear difference in approach vis-à-vis of the greatly affected United States, whose leaders strongly rebuked the need for a national despite new highs of 60,000 daily infections.


In a widely publicized speech on the occasion of the July 14 celebrations, French President Emmanual Macron said the country had seen “some signs [the virus is] come back a little, “and announced that it will be mandatory to wear masks in” stores and other closed public spaces “in the coming weeks.

France and the United Kingdom saw their daily number of new infections hovering around 500 for weeks; however, while the French average over seven days remains low, on July 13, the country notified 1,625 new cases.

France – which experienced more than 30,000 deaths from coronaviruses after a major epidemic in April – already demanded face covers in public transport and in public spaces where social distancing was not possible.

England also updated its mask rules on Tuesday, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock announcing mandatory use of face covers in stores and supermarkets; reinforce previous government directives in May to wear masks in public.

On the other hand, the United States has seen its cases soar this month, constantly breaking new daily infection records and reaching pandemic peaks of more than 60,000 in the past few days.

Despite worrying figures, barely half the country requires the use of face masks, and some of the hardest hit states – including Florida and Arizona – have refused to impose restrictions.

Crucial quote

“I don’t know if you need a bond,” President Trump told a Renard interview if he would support a national order for people to wear masks in public. “But I’m all for masks, I think masks are good. “

Key context

Although high-ranking public health officials and the World Health Organization have often said that politicizing the pandemic could hinder progress, the mask has become the subject of heated partisan debate in the United States Until recently, Trump refused to wear a mask in public and once said that people were wearing masks to show their disapproval. In Florida, the new epicenter of the virus, representative Anthony Sabatini (R-Howey in the hills) has been involved in numerous lawsuits against mandatory face mask orders in several counties in Florida and has called mask advocates “Mask- Nazis ”. Although the gap is narrowing, there is still a significant difference in the use of Republican and Democrat masks, with 45% of Republicans saying they wear facial coverings “all the time” versus 78% of Democrats.

Large number: 45447

The number of coronavirus deaths that could be prevented by November if at least 95% of people were to wear masks in public, according to a forecast by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation frequently cited by public health experts and the White House.

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