Aritzia closes Metro Vancouver store due to potential coronavirus exposure


Aritzia has announced the temporary closure of its Coquitlam Center store due to potential exposure to a positive case of COVID-19 that occurred outside of the workplace.In an email to the Daily Hive, Mary Fraser, senior director of communications with Aritzia, said the shutdown came “from great caution.”

“We are working closely with local health authorities to take all necessary precautions and follow-up to ensure everyone’s safety. Local health authorities assess and direct all contact tracing if and when it is needed, ”said Fraser.

“British Columbia health authorities have confirmed with us that the state-of-the-art measures we have in place in our stores reduce the risk of exposure in the workplace.

A complete list of Aritzia’s health and safety measures is available online.

Aritzia began reopening its stores in the Metro Vancouver area in May.


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