Anti-mask group to hold Sunday demonstration in Calgary


CALGARY – A group that says they refuse to allow mandatory mask rules to be part of the new standard because of COVID-19 will hold a rally on Sunday at the Olympic Plaza in Calgary. The organization, called March to Unmask, will meet at 1 p.m. across the street from Calgary City Hall.

According to his Facebook page, he says he is organizing the event in solidarity with similar events taking place across the country.

“Most recently, the City of Toronto has passed legislation to make masks mandatory in indoor spaces and other jurisdictions have followed suit or are considering doing so. We will not allow this to become the new standard in our communities, as unnecessary and prolonged use of masks can be harmful to your health and most masks do not offer you any protection. ”

The organization will be joined by members of a similar group who are against mandatory masks but also against the UCP government’s Bill 10.

Bill 10, which was passed earlier this year, grants special powers to authorities to help enforce the public health law.

Calgary police say they are aware of the protest and that officers will be on hand to make sure no one disturbs the peace.


Meanwhile, an opposing group of doctors and concerned citizens are pushing the council to pass a mandatory masking bylaw in Calgary.

Masks4Canada says it sent a letter to Calgary city council stressing the need for such legislation. He adds that “tough measures” must be taken to control the spread of COVID-19.

He also wants Prime Minister Jason Kenney to act.

“(He must) show leadership on this motion, and given his recommendation to wear a mask, to support broader and more effective measures related to the face mask, in addition to hand hygiene and physical distance, “the group said in a statement on Friday. .

Kenney moved away from the idea of ​​installing a general application for the use of masks in Alberta, preferring to leave this decision on the by-laws to the municipalities.

So far, Mayor Naheed Nenshi is concerned that Albertans are not wearing enough masks and that this could lead to increased rates of the spread of COVID-19.

“The science is very clear. If we can increase the percentage of people wearing masks, the probability that we will not be forced to go back during the economic reopening or the probability that we will reach phase 3 and the probability that the children will go back to school in the fall becomes much, much more likely. ”

According to him, studies show that while 75 to 80 percent of people are okay with wearing masks in public, it’s “as good as the types of isolation we put in place in March and April.”

“It’s a relatively small sacrifice to protect others. I want to remind everyone that the mask does not protect you, it protects others from you. ”

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson says it is up to the province to decide whether Albertans should wear masks.

Calgary council will meet to discuss a possible mask bylaw at its regular meeting on Monday.


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