Anthony Ramos: 7 Good Things To Know About The Hamilton Star


Anthony Ramos originally wanted to be a baseball player / coach

Everyone has a different path, finding their talents and career destination along the way, although Anthony Ramos did not initially set out to be a young actor / musician on stage and on screen . No, at the start of his life, Ramos planned to be a baseball player, with aspirations to join the NCAA Division III in college, followed by a coaching career after graduation. The athlete had the highest batting average of his team and he could see his future.

Unfortunately, this plan was not carried out. He claims to have lost his love for the sport and that he needed something else. Around this time, Ramos started performing in school assemblies in a student group called Halsey Trio, where he sang Motown songs. It started a fire that kept on burning, and rather than going to college for baseball, he sought out a professional game instead.


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