Anthony Fauci: MLB season could be in danger after Covid-19 epidemic | MLB


Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has denied the season is in trouble, even though more than a dozen Marlins players and staff have tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the club to lock in Philadelphia. Three games have now been postponed due to the outbreak in the Marlins’ locker room.

“I don’t see it as a nightmare,” Manfred told MLB Network on Monday night. “We built the protocols to allow us to continue playing. That’s why we have the expanded rosters, that’s why we have the pool of additional players. And we think we can keep people safe and keep playing.

Manfred said the earliest possible for the Marlins to resume their schedule is Wednesday, when they are expected to play in Baltimore.

“I remain optimistic, the protocols are strong enough to allow us to continue playing even during an outbreak like this and finish our season,” said Manfred.

The Yankees and Phillies also postponed their game on Monday after the Marlins played in Philadelphia this weekend. As of Monday night, the teams planned to start their streak on Tuesday instead.

Manfred was asked what should happen for the league to shut down. “A team losing a number of players, making them completely uncompetitive, would be something that we should address and think about making a change,” he said. “Our first concern is the health of the players and their families. And making sure to do everything possible to minimize the spread of the virus to our employees. “

The rumor of multiple positive tests among players on the Marlins and Reds rosters rocked many throughout the game.

“I’ll be honest with you: I’m scared,” said national championships manager Dave Martinez.

Experts have also expressed concern over the epidemic.

“It could put her at risk,” said Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease specialist, during an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America. “I don’t think they have to stop, but we just have to follow this and see what is happening with the other teams day by day.”

Fauci, who pitched the first pitch in the season opener between the Nationals and the Yankees, said he was sorry to see the issues the league is experiencing.

“Major League Baseball – the players, the owners, the managers – went to a lot of effort to come together and put in place protocols that we thought would work,” Fauci said. “It’s very unfortunate what happened with the Miami [Marlins]. »

Dr. Andrew Morris, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Toronto, was even more cautious than Fauci. “Baseball is in big trouble,” he said. “I wonder if they listen to expert advice or if their experts give them good advice. It wasn’t a plan that anyone who knows what they are talking about would have devised. It’s like it’s supposed to be played out.


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