Another strip club in Vancouver reports possible exposure to coronavirus


After having recently informed the public of the potential coronavirus exposure at the Brandi’s Show Lounge, Vancouver Coastal Health has published a COVID-19 exhibit to recent clients of another Vancouver strip club – this time Orange No. 5 .In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, health officials said they informed customers who attended the scene at 205 Main Street in the Canada Day “evening hours” that “a person tested positive for COVID-19 was at No. 5 Orange on this date. ”

They note, however, that “there is no known risk for anyone who attended orange n ° 5 outside this date [and] there is no ongoing risk to the community. ”

There is also “no evidence” that this exhibit is related to recent exhibits at the Brandi’s Exotic Show Lounge or the Belmont Hotel.

Always as a precaution, health officials advise people who attended Orange No. 5 on July 1 to watch themselves for 14 days.

“As long as they remain in good health and do not develop symptoms, there is no need to isolate themselves and they must continue their usual daily activities,” officials said.

For those who have no symptoms, “the tests are not recommended because they are neither precise nor useful”. However, anyone who develops symptoms should “request a test and isolate themselves immediately”.


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