Another strike from Karen, she started a plane for refusing to wear a mask


Apparently, these Karen people just won’t learn.Woman nicknamed “Karen” – the term that signifies a stereotype for a white woman who has the right and is happy to demonstrate it – was forced off a plane for refusing to wear a mask amid the pandemic coronavirus.

The images, credited to TikTok account jslade88 and reposted by @BookofJonah, are captioned: “Ole Karen refused to wear a mask on a @AmericanAir flight, so she was kicked out. And then everyone applauded. #KarensGoneWild #karen »

One woman, who cannot be seen in the video, calls out for others to start clapping after the older woman has gathered her carry-ons in the overhead compartments before leaving.

“You can clap as much as you want but nobody cares,” replies the woman, aka Karen, as she approaches the exit.

This prompted another passenger to shout “Go! We have flights to take. ”

The video, which had been viewed nearly 950,000 times, sparked a discussion on Twitter (no kidding).

“Do whites favor a lot?” a Twitter user said. “Allowed to bring too much. Embedded without mask. If she had been POC, she should have checked the baggage.


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