Angela Deem finds surprising visitor in her new apartment in Nigeria with Michael Ilesanmi


Angela Deem has finally landed in Nigeria 90-day fiancé: still happy? and it’s already been an eventful journey. Angela plans to marry Michael Ilesanmi this time, but she must first see the new apartment he has chosen for them for their stay. Read on to learn more about the surprising visitor to the apartment who made Angela scream and run into the bedroom.

Angela is pleasantly surprised by the apartment

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Walking towards the new digs, Angela says she is “nervous” about what Michael found for their stay. However, when she enters the residence, she is pleasantly surprised by the accommodation for the most part.

She enters the room, which will meet their needs, that is, until Angela sits on the bed. She says it’s extremely difficult. “You have to fix things, and if he wants sex, you better do it quickly,” says Angela.

The kitchen has a surprise visitor in it

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Angela enters the kitchen and she seems happy. He even has a table and chairs where they can eat, which she seems to like, too. Then she sees something in the corner of the kitchen, and she changes her attitude completely.

“Michael, what is it?” Angela said pointing to something on the floor. “Oh my god, he’s a fucking rat. Michael, get him out of here.

Angela holds her head in disbelief, and that’s understandable. “That rat was huge,” Angela tells the cameras. “I haven’t even seen such a big rat in Georgia. ”

Michael explains that the rat is dead because it lies lifeless in a trap. Angela tries to explain that it means there are germs. “Get that ab son out of here,” Angela told him again.

Michael runs to Angela with the rat

“Pick it up and scream when you’re done,” Angela insists. Michael puts his hand in a bag in an attempt to pick up the lifeless creature. Angela yells from the room that she is an American and that she does not collect rats. “We ask our men to do this,” Angela said.

Michael says he picked it up and Angela ventures out of the room. Michael runs to Angela with the dead rat, and she screams and runs into the room. She closes the door just in time, and Michael keeps laughing. “You’re done,” she told him through the door.

Michael leaves the dead rat outside the apartment on the floor. Angela tells the cameras that overall Michael did a good job. They only have three weeks to plan the wedding, so now they have to work out the details. However, Angela tells Michael that if a rat crosses her foot, she gets out of there.

Angela and Michael seem to be going well, despite the hard bed and the dead rat in the kitchen. We will keep you posted on all the latest news regarding the memorable couple.


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