Angela Deem arrives for Michael Ilesanmi’s family for an American-style dinner


On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever, Angela Deem sits down to dinner with Michael Ilesanmi’s mother and aunt. Angela refuses to cook, but stops by for dinner. Read on to find out how things turned out.

Angela Deem refuses to cook for Michael Ilesanmi’s family

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Angela visits Michael in Nigeria so they can get married, but they have a little planning to do first. Michael invites his mother and aunt to their apartment to discuss wedding plans. However, the problem begins when Michael tells Angela that she will have to cook dinner for everyone. Angela insists that she won’t be cooking for the upcoming dinner, and says Michael will help with the cooking instead.

Michael tells the cameras that he thinks his wife should be the one cooking the meals for everyone, and Angela replies that she won’t do any of that. “He’ll see, because I don’t do any of that,” Angela told the cameras in front of Michael.

“First of all, I didn’t come to Nigeria to cook. I don’t cook shit, ”says Angela.

Angela goes to a market with Michael, and it’s a hectic experience

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They arrive at a Nigerian market and Angela looks horrified by what she sees there. She says she usually goes to a grocery store to pick up her food, and that’s certainly not what she was used to. Angela says they’re just going to order pizza. When they get to the meat zone, Angela can’t take much more. She says she doesn’t want any meat, but crosses the main aisle anyway. She ends up throwing up a bit of the experience. Angela says she can’t live like this, and it’s clear she’s struggling.

How Angela Comes To Dinner With Michael’s Family In A Very American Way

Before Michael’s family arrived, he was busy in the kitchen trying to cook dinner. Angela ordered a pizza and says those are the only contributions she makes to dinner. They finally arrive and see Michael cooking, and his mother finds it unusual. Angela explains that she doesn’t have time to cook.

However, Michael’s aunt tells him that his mother is old and that she cannot eat the kind of food that he has prepared for them. Angela takes out the pizza, and she says she knew the “save would work”. It’s a big hit, and Michael’s mom can eat it, and she says she even loves it. Angela shows them how to take the pizza and eat it, and Michael’s mom says that’s how she wants to eat it too. So, they all participate in the pizza as most people choose to eat it, holding the whole slice.

Angela came to dinner in a very American way, and it turned out to be a hit with Michael’s family. We will keep you posted with the latest news regarding Angela’s stay in Nigeria with Michael.


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