Amid criticism and complaints, Ja Morant and Enes Kanter present the positive sides of the NBA bubble


The hardest part for NBA players is staying in one place away from their families for a significant period of time. But the NBA seems to have done its part to make players feel comfortable.Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks praised the facilities inside the Orlando bubble. After flying to Orlando, the team had to wait 36 ​​hours and test for a negative coronavirus.

Later, they had melee sessions, but without some of their key players. Brooks felt good to see his team training together after a long time and praised the NBA for making it possible.

“I thought the practice was exceptional, I was really worried because we hadn’t done anything live, “said Brooks (Via NBC Sports).

“I don’t know how they did it, how the NBA did it all. Our facility here, our gym is pretty incredible. The weight room is incredible. The hotels are great. All is well. I have no complaints. It’s like a road trip for us. “

Inside the bubble, players may be far from their families, but there are plenty of entertainment facilities available to wait for their time. They have access to rides and golf courses inside Disney World, in addition to facilities like the pool, video games and table tennis.

Ja Morant and Enes Kanter among those who praise the NBA for installations inside the bubble

Among the others who highlighted the positives inside the NBA bubble was rookie Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant. he responded to those who complained about the facilities by saying that he was happy.

“My room is fine. The food is good. I am not a silver spoon, so I know how to live in the conditions. People complain, but I’m fine. ” Morant told reporters.

Enes Kanter of Boston Celtics also shared a short clip on Instagram showing the different types of snacks the NBA provided inside the bubble.

As it stands, the NBA will resume its season on July 30 after a few practice games the week before.


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