American patriotism drops to two-decade low, poll finds


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American patriotism is at its lowest level in nearly two decades, a new poll found.

A Gallup survey found that while 70% of American adults say they are “proud” of being American, less than half say they are “extremely proud”.

The results were released before National Day on July 4 amid the country’s struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic, and call for racial justice and an end to political brutality during Black Lives Matter protests in all the states.

Gallup said American pride is at an all-time low since the company started taking surveys about it in 2001. This is the second year that the number of “extremely proud” people has fallen below the majority. (45%).

Over the decades, the numbers have remained fairly stable – 81 to 92% – but fell to 75% in 2017, during the first year of the Trump administration.

Democrats were less likely to express “extreme pride” than Republicans. At 22%, it’s the lowest reading of Democrats’ “extreme pride” in 19 years, and half of what it was in the months before Trump’s presidential victory.

“Record American patriotism is the latest victim of the highly polarized political climate in the United States today,” noted Gallup.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are proud of the American political system, according to polls, but the general sense of pride of Democrats in the country could be more affected than Republicans because of their low opinion of Mr. Trump.

Gallup figures earlier this year revealed that only 31% of Americans (and only 2% of Democrats) believe that foreign leaders respect Mr. Trump.

However, both Democrats and Republicans are rallying to American achievements as a source of patriotism. American scientific achievements (91%), the American army (89%), American culture and arts (85%), economic (75%) and sporting achievements (73%) and racial and ethnic diversity were very proud of their American scientific achievements (91%). and religion (72%).

On the other hand, the American political system (32%) and the health and welfare system (37%) were not considered favorable.


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