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Amber Heard asked his former assistant to conceal the fact that she was filming a romantic scene with James Franco of his then partner Johnny Depp as “insurance policy”, the High Court heard.

Kate James, who was Heardthe woman’s personal assistant for three years said the actress asked her not to let Depp or her team knows she was performing with her co-star in the thriller The Adderall Diaries in 2015.

Ms. James appeared as a witness on the seventh day of Depp’s defamation action against the publishers of The Sun, following two domain managers who testified earlier on Wednesday.

Here are some of the other key moments from the seventh day in court:

  • A former Johnny Depp staff member shared how he found a piece of the actor’s finger following an argument between the star and Heard in Australia
  • In one of his written statements, Ben King stated that he had never seen the actor “be violent or mean to Mrs. Heard, or even to anyone else” and that it was the actress who had “prodded” him.
  • Before another trip to Australia, Heard allegedly said “repeatedly” that she was not allowed to take her two dogs with her ”
  • The court heard of excrement was found in Depp’s bed in 2016, with Kevin Murphy, a former house director of the actor, affirming that Heard had told him that it was “a harmless prank”
Heard greeted photographers when leaving High Court on Wednesday

Speaking on The Adderall Diaries at the afternoon hearing, Ms. James said that Heard had texted her in May 2014 asking her not to share “the program’s one-liner … with anyone from Johnny’s team “.

The text, sent during the shooting of the film, said that this was how Depp did not “lose it”.

Ms. James said that when Heard was filming, the actress got in touch with her every day about her schedule.

When questioned by Sun attorney Sasha Wass, if she thought Depp would become “upset or angry” if he knew the romantic scene with Franco, Ms. James said no.

“I think it was more like an ‘insurance policy’,” she said in court.

Ms. James explained that there had been some “confusion” as to why Heard was working with Franco again after describing him previously as “sexually aggressive”.

This photo of Depp in hospital after having his finger injured in Australia was shown in court

Earlier in the day, the court heard from former Depp property manager, who told how he had found a piece of the actor’s finger following an now infamous argument with Heard in Australia.

Ben King, who worked for the Pirates of the Caribbean star in Australia, London and Canada for three separate periods between 2014 and 2016, was the first witness to appear on Wednesday during the defamation trial.

He said in court was “the antagonist” in his relationship with Depp, often “prodding” and trying to provoke the actor, and that the couple would argue “like schoolchildren”.

Johnny Depp arrives at the High Court on the seventh day of his defamation action against the publishers of The Sun
The actor gave up on his way to court on Wednesday

The argument in Australia in March 2015, which has been repeatedly discussed at the hearing so far and which has occurred shortly after the couple’s marriage, is one of 14 alleged incidents of violence against Depp – Heard described him as a “three-day hostage”. situation ”.

The 57-year-old actor’s finger was severely injured in the incident – he claims that Heard, 34, threw a bottle at him.

Ms. Wass asked Mr. King about the cleanup following the argument, asking if he had the job of trying to find the missing tip on the actor, to which he replied : “It was mentioned that it could be somewhere and when I was cleaning, I found it. ”

Mr. King told the court that he had found the piece of flesh near a bar in the rented house the couple was staying in while Depp was making a Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Ms. King also asked Mr. King if there was “urine on the floor” in the house, which he said there was not.

This picture of the disorder in a rented house in Australia was shown during the defamation lawsuit of Johnny Depp against The Sun
This photo of the mess and the broken window in the rented house in Australia was shown in court

David Sherborne, a Depp representative, told the court that in a previous statement by Heard, she said that Depp “took out his penis” before urinating outside and inside the house.

His statement continued: “He said he was trying to write my name on the carpet as he crossed the house. ”

Still discussing the house in Australia, Wass told the court “there was a lot of paint” and graffiti on the walls, which she said, “Billy Bob Thornton, Amber Easy”.

Thornton, a former Heard’s co-star, has already been mentioned in the proceedings.

Depp admitted to writing on a mirror and the walls of the house in the blood of his injured finger, as well as paint, saying, “There was an incident where Amber lied to me about Billy Bob Thornton , so I wrote his name. “

Court saw Depp's graffiti on mirror - supposed to be in paint, blood and lipstick
The court has already seen Depp’s graffiti on a mirror – supposedly in paint, blood and lipstick

Returning to Los Angeles from Australia with Heard, Mr. King noticed “a few cuts on one of his arms,” ​​the court said.

“They were enough to say” maybe you should put your sleeve on, “he said.

While in the witness cabin, Ms. Wass, counsel for The Sun, explained to Mr. King that when he worked for Depp for the first time, he was told that the star was “teetotal, having been a drinker, “which he said was correct.

When Mr. King arrived at a house where Depp and Heard resided in London, “there were a relatively large number of cases of wine that had been brought home and you found this strange,” said Ms. Wass.

“You concluded that Ms. Heard drank two bottles of wine a night,” said the lawyer.

Mr. King replied, “Not every night … it was a regular event, but not every night. ”

Mr. King stated that he did not know if Depp was drug-free at the time. “It was not my business,” he said in court.

Kevin Murphy, who worked for Depp for almost eight years, followed Mr. King to testify. He was asked about a separate trip to Australia in 2015, when it was reported that the couple had brought their two dogs to the country.

He said that Heard had been “rehearsed” in advance that it would be illegal for her to take the pets, Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo, due to licensing and quarantine issues.

Murphy also alleged that the actress “demanded” that he make a false statement about animals “smuggled into the country,” and that she asked him to contact Ms. James and ask her to “lie.” under oath ”in an Australian court.

Heard and Depp recorded a now infamous video in 2016 apologizing for taking the dogs away during the trip.

Johnny Depp et Amber Heard

2016: Depp and Heard ‘dog apologies’

In his written witness statement for the defamation case, Mr. Murphy stated that he felt threatened by Heard about the incident.

“Mrs. Heard knew that [taking the dogs to Australia] was illegal because I had informed her several times by email, telephone and in person, “he said.

Mr. Murphy alleged that he told Heard that it was “uncomfortable” to make a false statement to the Australian court and that he “would not ask Ms. James to do so”.

In his written statement, Mr. Murphy also stated that soon after, Heard “verbally demanded that I make a false witness statement myself regarding the illegal entry of dogs into Australia”.

Amber Heard with his dog Pistol in 2010. Photo: Startraks / Shutterstock
Heard with his dog Pistol in 2010. Photo: Startraks / Shutterstock

He said, “I said I was extremely uncomfortable doing it, to which Ms. Heard responded with words as follows:” Well, I want your help on this … I don’t wouldn’t want you to have a problem with your job. ‘

“Ms. Heard’s threatening language made me feel anxious and uncomfortable. ”

Depp is suing The Sun’s publisher, News Group Newspapers, and its editor Dan Wootton, for an article published in April 2018, calling him a “woman thresher.”

The actor denied the allegations of violence against him and spent more than four days testifying in the witness booth at the start of the trial.

Heard is scheduled to testify later in the hearing, which is expected to last three weeks in total.

The trial continues.


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