Amanda Holden fans in Holly Willoughby’s daughter collapse Lexi


Amanda Holden fans can’t ignore Holly Willoughby in eldest daughter Lexi after sharing a full family photo.Posing around a dinner table on their sunny family getaway to St Tropez, Amanda beamed alongside husband Chris Hughes and daughters Lexi, 14, and Hollie, eight.

But all eyes were on Lexi as fans claimed she was the absolute image of This Morning host Holly Willoughby.

“I was just going to say she looks like Holly Willoughby xx,” one wrote.

“Your daughter reminds me so much of Holly Willoughby!” Another commented.

A third agreed: “I was thinking exactly the same! “

Fans are convinced Lexi looks exactly like Holly Willoughby

A previous selfie she took with her just and Lexi drew comments from fans saying she looked like her famous mom.

Amanda traveled to the French town to sunbathe after the lockdown restrictions eased and she was able to travel again.

While there, Judge BGT reunited with compatriot Piers Morgan during his own family vacation.

They couldn’t ignore the resemblance to Holly from this morning

Others think the teenager looks like her mother

Famous faces enjoyed an alcoholic lunch in the sun, with GMB’s Piers sporting a very thick beard.

Lockdown wasn’t all that bad for Amanda when she told her Heart Radio co-host Jamie Theakston that it allowed her to spend a lot more quality time with Chris and the kids.

“I couldn’t love my husband anymore if I tried,” she told Jamie. “We’ve never gotten along so well and it made me love and appreciate him even more than I ever did.

Amanda and Piers enjoyed a boozy lunch

Amanda told Jamie she was in a ‘lockdown love’

“I’m so lucky to have two wonderful daughters. It really made me appreciate everything and be grateful for the little things in life that I realized were actually the big things.

Great Britain has talent 2020

“I’m in love locked, I can’t deny it. ”

And she even shed tears of joy as she reunited with her close friends for the first time since March.

Heading for a socially distant promenade, she wrote, “Omg. I literally cried when I saw these flesh-and-blood #girls for the first time since #lockdown – a socially distanced walk this morning.

“SO WONDERFUL to be with them…”


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