Allegheny County says on-site alcohol ban applies to companies that organize weddings – CBS Pittsburgh


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of large gatherings, including weddings.Guest lists have been reduced and forget to dance the night away.

When Allegheny County reached the “green” phase, local couples trying to tie the knot thought they were in the clear. But KDKA’s Meghan Schiller explains why the ban on alcohol consumption there this week changes all that.

Ali Simcho manages Wanderlust weddings and events and said 2020 is supposed to be the biggest year to date. But instead, it’s one hoop after another for her brides.

She said after the county announcement, there was confusion in the marriage industry regarding the consumption of alcohol in different places.


“The Facebook pages are definitely very exploded,” said Simcho. “Everything is very amplified because you have a bride who says:” Well, I’m getting married there and they said it didn’t matter “, then another bride goes to her house and says: “Well, this bride says in this place it doesn’t matter. “It’s a lot of really mixed information. ”

The new ban on local alcohol consumption aims to keep everyone safe and discourage large groups of people from crowding local bars and becoming rowdy. But what does this mean for large gatherings like weddings that are still allowed?

Simcho said that several of his customers had already bought and paid for their alcohol.

Meghan Schiller of KDKA contacted Allegheny County for clarification and advice to pass on to the wedding industry. The county responded, saying the order was cut and dry.

The specific wording of the new order states that “the consumption of alcohol on the premises in bars, restaurants or any other commercial establishment in the county of Allegheny is prohibited until further notice”.

This means that no alcohol can be consumed in any business planning a wedding. Unless a couple marries a parent’s yard, it will be a dry marriage.

Vendors suggested by the county call a lawyer if they have questions about the order.

“We are just trying to remind clients why they are doing this and if it is mainly because you want your whole family to be here and you want to celebrate your love and your wedding, don’t do it just because you might not not be having a dance floor or you might not be able to drink alcohol, “said Simcho. “I think that’s just what you think is most important? ”

Simcho said many of her brides made the difficult decision to postpone marriage, sometimes for an entire year.


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