Alexander Romanov to sign with Canadians and join them for phases 3


Although he agreed to the terms of an entry-level contract earlier in the year, Alexander Romanov’s deal had no start date as the team was waiting to see if it was eligible to play this year. After numerous discussions on the status of the draft hopes capable of signing and playing in the post-season 2020, and several protocol changes, Romanov decided to join the Montreal Canadiens in phase 3, and 2019-2020 becomes the first of its three-year deal.

A change in league policies was to allow these players (including Kirill Kaprizov and Ilya Sorokin) to travel to major cities and train with their teams, even if they were not allowed to participate in the qualifying round and playoffs. This gives Montreal a chance to see their prospect in action with the rest of the defense corps, and also allows Romanov to immediately get a signing bonus rather than waiting for the start of the next campaign.


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