Alberta doctors accuse government of looking for strikers as 200 job applications go online


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“That’s exactly what it is,” said Froelich of the job of scabies. “We are doctors and we don’t have a union, but it’s as close as possible. They want replacement workers. It is “if you do not agree with us, this worker will replace you”. ”

Dr. Jillian Ratti, who specializes in family medicine in Calgary, made similar comments on Twitter in a series of job postings. She accused Alberta health services and Minister of Health Tyler Shandro of “looking abroad for scabs to replace the doctors who poured out their hearts and souls in their communities.”

We are doctors and we don’t have a union but it’s as close as possible to that

In a press release emailed to the National Post, a spokesperson for Alberta Health Services, which is responsible for job searches and hiring, said the province “has long relied on many doctors trained abroad to provide care in many parts of the province. ” Positions, she said, are also listed on the Alberta Health Services website and are often republished on local and national job sites.


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