Air travel pact soon with the United States, France and Germany


NEW DELHI: India is expected to have “special air connectivity” with the United States, France and Germany within a week. Airlines from all of these countries will be permitted to operate flights and ferry passengers to and from India.
These airlines would be eligible under the rules of the Interior Ministry, informed people said. YOU have learned that talks with the United States, France and Germany are at a very advanced stage and that the announcement could be made within a week. India is also in talks with the United Arab Emirates to facilitate travel from here.
India also wanted a travel corridor with the United Kingdom, with the exception of the United States, France and Germany, to facilitate travel during the pandemic and until flights resume. With the Gulf, arrangements are made to operate charter flights to allow for two-way travel.
Currently, airlines such as Lufthansa, Air France and United are allowed to operate repatriation flights primarily to fly those who are eligible under MHA guidelines. But under this special arrangement, travelers will be able to travel on airlines from India, Germany, France and America. Once this agreement is signed with other countries, their airlines will also route traffic to and from India.


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