Air France cuts another domestic flight from Paris Orly – Business traveler


In the past few weeks Business trip reported on French domestic aviation.Concretely, the fact that Air France agreed not to compete with the TGV for short journeys.

Earlier this month, we reported on the regional subsidiary of Air France Hop! the closure of bases and the removal of certain connections to Paris Orly (used mainly by point-to-point travelers).

Air France cuts more than 7,000 jobs

It now seems that Air France is cutting another competitive rail route to Paris Orly: Clermont-Ferrand (Orly is better placed for downtown Paris than CDG).

What makes this air route closure interesting is that Clermond-Ferrand, in Auverne, is not on the TGV network and that it takes 3.5 hours to reach Paris by train.

Fortunately for international travelers, Clermont-Ferrand will maintain its air connection four times a day with Paris CDG, the use of which is appreciated by connecting travelers.

This is important because the city is home to the multinational tire manufacturer Michelin.

Cited by La Montagne, Air France says that it must bring its domestic network “back to balance in 2023”, which means that it must stop its loss-making routes.

Here in the UK, we often mourn the loss of regional air service to one of the capital’s airports. It is a similar scenario in France.

The editor-in-chief of La Montagne Sandrine Thomas tweets “Once again the territories [are] sacrificed. “


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