Air France chooses SkyBreathe eco-flight solution to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions


Air France is continuing its efforts in terms of innovation to reduce carbon emissions by partnering with OpenAirlines, one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy efficiency solutions. As part of this agreement, OpenAirlines will continuously analyze data from thousands of daily flights by deploying its SkyBreathe eco-flight solution – which was developed in partnership with Transavia France, an Air France group company – to identify opportunities fuel economy in order to maximize the operation of Air France. efficiency and thereby minimize costs and carbon emissions.

This new initiative is part of Air France’s overall commitment to reduce its environmental footprint through the renewal of its fleet, its piloting or stopover practices, the use of biofuels or its partnership with the Solar Impulse Foundation aimed at to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for aviation. Air France has set itself the target of reducing its CO2 emissions per passenger / kilometer by 50% by 2030 compared to 2005.

SkyBreathe was one of the first innovative solutions to be labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The software harnesses the latest digital technologies using sophisticated big data algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It automatically analyzes billions of data records to identify the most relevant savings opportunities and offers a series of recommended actions that can reduce total fuel consumption by up to 5%.

“We applaud all airlines that can go beyond collective industry goals; this new agreement is proof of Air France’s leadership in climate action. At the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the airline category, the Air France KLM group is recognized as a leader in environmental performance; We are honored that Air France has chosen us to contribute to its own development and further reduce its CO2 emissions. As we all work to rebuild our industry, hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, we will continue our unwavering commitment to help airlines further reduce their costs and carbon footprint at the same time, ”said Alexandre Feray, CEO and founder of OpenAirlines.

“Sustainable development is an absolute priority at Air France and one of our greatest opportunities to reduce the CO2 footprint of aviation, beyond the modernization of our fleet, is to implement more efficient procedures – on board and on the ground – to make our operations greener, ”said Jean Fernandez, deputy director general of flight operations at Air France. “We chose SkyBreathe because OpenAirlines is an agile company with a long and solid track record in fuel economy. SkyBreathe will help us better understand our operations and improve the efficiency of our flights by leveraging accurate data. Our ambition is to be more competitive while strengthening our leadership in environmental excellence.

Air France joins the large community of airlines that are adopting SkyBreathe to improve their energy efficiency, including Norwegian, Malaysia Airlines, Cebu Pacific, GoAir, Atlas Air and several other major airlines.
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