“Agents of SHIELD” recap: Season 7 Episode 6 – [Spoiler] Exploded


This week Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the tantalizing hijinks of time travel from the first five episodes gave way to a harsher drama that shocked an agent and another in… far worst form.

After Deke mocked the ubiquitous chronicles by slaughtering Wilfred Malick, Luke (whom I realize is the “name” of Chronicom!) Blame Sibyl aka The Predictor. On the contrary, she maintains. They now have the location of S.H.I.E.L.D., they have divided their team and they know that the agents will rush to save Mack’s parents. Placed, Luke sets out to wake up the currently dormant hunters somewhere in rows and rows of stasis chambers.

Inside the lighthouse, Coulson and May / Not Chastity were handcuffed, with General Rick Stoner still mocking their warnings about the alien robots. But Stoner has bigger fish to fry because he’s been equipped with the technology to track and shoot the ship that shot Project Insight. Meanwhile, on board Zephyr said, Mack is upset that Deke defies orders by pushing back Malick, and that Daisy and Sousa are MIA. Worse, his mother and father are held captive at the Lighthouse, but Mack is determined to save them by “bringing pain” to the Chronicles.

Shortly after the release of Mack and Yo-Yo, the lighthouse locks onto the Zephyr and lets fly with buncha missiles. Enoch, as a pilot, can escape all but one by using countermeasures, but the one that Is hitting the Zephyr does damage in such a way that it could tear the ship apart the next time it is shot in a time jump. As they assess things, Jemma panics a little that she doesn’t remember how to fix the system. Enoch reassures her that everything will be fine, if they “act now” ….

In a barn somewhere, Daisy comes next to his kidnapped comrade Sousa. They’re both stunned by drugs, to the point that Daisy can’t even shake their chains. Nathaniel Malick arrives at the right time, quickly dispelling the presumption that he is auctioning HYDRA / those who adore a former space octopus. No, he didn’t kidnap the agents to get what he wants because they are What he wants. Namely, he wants to transfuse Daisy’s powers into him, using the theories of Daniel Whitehall.

Back at the lighthouse, handcuffed Coulson takes a moment to express his disappointment / frustration with May, who yes, can’t feel, but won’t even tell him what she is thought about things. “You never die. You always come back, ”she observes. And after having cried Coulson before, she will never let herself be redone. As Stoner is taken by two agents to regain control of the mainframe, Coulson and May speculate that the Chronicoms have found a way to “download” human figures onto synthetic bodies – and in fact, this has been done for both agents now with Stoner.

Elsewhere, Mack and Yo-Yo dig a hole in the room containing John and Lilla. Mackenzie. After being prevented from kissing Lilla and introducing Yo-Yo as his girlfriend, “Macklemore” assures the couple that he will take them out safely. Ultimately thwarted by a thick steel door, Mack and his father collaborate on a way to blow up the hydraulic system and force it to open.

May and Coulson get it for free, get the drop on the “downloaded” agents and save Stoner, who now believes their wild history. Coulson spots and descends a ladder leading to a sub-level which should not exist; at the bottom of it, he finds the Hunter’s stasis chambers and the device Luke uses to virtually meet Sibyl. Coulson locks his own mittens in the gadget and finds himself face to face with The Predictor, asking, “Bad weather?”

Back at the barn, Daisy returned after Nathaniel had extracted blood, glands and cerebrospinal fluid for his purposes, and she looked very much worse for wear and barely alive. Sousa rests her head on her leg, doing her best to keep her alert by telling the story of how he was injured in the war – but was brought to safety by an otherwise dickish Mike Stevens, who ended up dying on the front line. “It is I who pass on the favor,” said Sousa, soothing Daisy. “We’re going home, Agent Johnson. Sousa then realizes that Daisy at one point in his ordeal hid a shard of metal in his palm, which he used a few moments later to surprise and stab one of Nathaniel’s henchmen. Malick shows up just then, shaking uncontrollably after his makeshift surgery, but a collapse puts him KO, allowing Sousa to transport Daisy to safety.

Aboard the Zephyr, Deke finds Enoch doing Something a bad omen for Jemma, and therefore he sneaks in and short-circuits the Chronicom with a debilitator. “Deke, what did you do ?! Worries Jemma, who explains that Enoch was fixing her memory so she could fix the ship. She shares that she and Fitz have found a safe place from which Fitz can monitor the movements of the Chronicoms, and she knows where it is – but she has developed a bio-implant (nicknamed “Diana”) that removes this memory, to keep it safe. And it seems like the longer they need to stay in the implant, she could completely forget Fitz’s location.

Sibyl explains to her unexpected visitor that she reads the flow of time, not so much to predict the future but to see the past as written by a single future (or something). On the subject of “Why invade the Earth?”, She explains that humans have a limited time and therefore act irrationally during their lifetime. Chronicles, meanwhile, will exist long after humans leave. Ergo, mankind will either wave a white flag or the clock will simply end on them. Coulson against his POV with a series of points – including that humans make real sacrifices that cost real blood, sweat and tears, and “we will never give up. But more critically, he quipped: “Dying is kind of my superpower”, before disconnecting from the VR device and using his bag full of explosives to detonate the Hunters about to explode. wake up in the hidden time ship of the Chronicoms … and himself … after sending a radio to May, “I hope you’re right for this next part! ”

After ordering Stoner (as level 7 superior, ha) to empty the base and offer a cover story for the explosion, May joins Mack, Yo-Yo and the Mackenzies on the Quinjet, and reveals that Coulson is “gone” – but she offers, “He’ll come back. Always does. Moments later, after touching the shoulders, May realizes that Mack’s father is a Chronicom. Mack refuses to believe it, but asks John to show the cut on his arm he suffered while working on the steel door. John balks at first, but rolls up his sleeve … to reveal Chronicom’s exposed technology. And Lilla is one too! A fight ensues, in which “John” taunts Mack with the fact that his real parents have “disappeared while. Mack ends up opening the door to the bay, where “John” and then “Lilla” – begging “Alfie” to spare him – plummet. Meanwhile on the Zephyr, Enoch corrects Jemma, who 1) begs Deke to keep it secret and 2) invites him to apologize to Enoch and greet him as a “valued member of our family”.

As the incredibly hectic episode draws to a close, we see Daisy recovering in the healing room, while Sousa asks him if he wants to stay in 1976. But he maintains, “I’m where I need to be.” The ship is repaired just before the next time jump – after which Mack gets on a motorcycle and accelerates to get some air. Later, Deke will check on the sullen Mack, when Jemma radios to return to the Zephyr ASAP, because he is about to jump. But before Deke can even get Mack’s attention, the Zephyr jumps back in time again … without their!

What did you think of the “Adapt or Die” episode as we approach mid-season to the last season?


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