After the United States, France and Australia, India signs a defense logistics sharing pact with Russia


A formal agreement between India and Russia on sharing defense logistics to allow transparent access to each other’s military bases is expected to be signed at the annual summit scheduled for later this year, reports Economic time.According to the report, the reciprocal logistics exchange agreement will not only simplify interoperability, but will also support military platforms like warships and aircraft.

Negotiations for the pact are currently underway and it could be signed at the next edition of the annual summit when Russian President Vladimir Putin visits India later this year, sources cited in the report said.

Under the agreement, warships from both countries will have access to common ports and exclusive economic zones for refueling and supplies.

Thanks to this pact, the Indian navy, which has a large number of warships of Russian origin, will be able to pass smoothly for exercises or refits. Likewise, the proposed deal will also allow the Indian Air Force to deploy planes for joint exercises.

In addition, the proposed pact could also include an element whereby a number of troops could be deployed in the respective countries.

With the pact, Russia could have access to Indian ports like Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam for refueling. Likewise, India could also use Russian air bases and ports, including ports in the Russian part of the Arctic.

India has signed similar logistics sharing pacts with the United States, France and Australia while discussions are underway to finalize the deal with Japan.


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