A vintage clothing store does not argue with customers wearing masks


“If you choose not to wear a mask, we respectfully request that you postpone your visit,” says the sign. “We will be happy to discuss the effectiveness of the masks when everything is finished and you come to sell the clothes of your deceased grandmother. ”

It ended with the message “TL; DR Masks Required ”.

She posted a photo of the panel on Facebook and it was widely shared on social media. A popular Reddit post featuring the photo was titled, “Arizona vintage store saying like it is.” ”

Bingham said the store was inundated with social media calls, emails, and messages.

Most were supportive, she said, but some included angry comments from people saying the sign is igniting the pandemic, which has hit older people and people with health issues particularly hard.

“I am a little disappointed that people think that we are insensitive when I feel that it is exactly the opposite,” she said. “As if I feel we are doing our best to protect the vulnerable, we are not taking advantage of anyone’s grandmother. ”

The store receives a large portion of its inventory from property sales, so the sign is just honest, she said.

Bingham said grandmothers around the world called and left voicemails to thank the store for standing up for them.

Arizona is one of the states that has recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of coronavirus cases, and Governor Doug Ducey has ordered the closure of bars, movie theaters and other businesses to slow the spread of the virus.

The tumult of social media drew new customers to Antique Sugar, but Bingham said the store had suspended online sales on Instagram due to the volume of posts.

The store received a few threats, so Bingham hired a security guard from the bar next door to protect himself from any potential drama.

Bingham said if someone in the store got the virus, the store would likely be closed for about two weeks. She said that she was mainly concerned about her parents, relatives of her staff and everyone else they come into contact with.

“If I put it to work and pass it on to someone who cannot recover, it is the most horrible thing in the world and we have to think of others, not of ourselves,” he said. she declared.


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