A universe of comics, films and shows by Stan Lee arrives


Lee au Scream the Spike TV and 2009.

Lee au Scream the Spike TV and 2009.
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

In the months before Stan Lee’s death, the legend of comics has been mixed up with legal disputes both against individuals and companies as a whole, like Pow !, entertainment group Lee co-founded that he also sued $ 1 billion in 2018 for allegedly forging Lee’s signature in order to win ” exclusive right to use Lee’s name, identity, image and likeness. «

Although the lawsuit against Pow! has finally been abandoned, it seems that the company will finally get its wish to be able to exploit Lee’s fame in order to revive and a whole new series of media projects that no one in particular was asking for.

By The Hollywood Reporter, Pow! Entertainment has partnered with Genius Brands to begin producing a list of movies and TV series based on properties owned by the creators of Lee. While all of the new projects rely heavily on being based on Lee’s intellectual property, it’s important to note that nothing on the partnership will focus on Lee’s creations that currently belong to Marvel and Disney. .

Instead, Pow! and the Genius brands are focused on creating a kind of bigger “Stan Lee universe”, which sounds exactly like the kind of effort that a group of leaders trying to figure out how to take advantage of the resemblance and Lee’s legacy would be a good idea. The biggest obstacle facing the future Stan Lee universe, of course, is that most of Lee’s non-Marvel works don’t have the kind of brand recognition that would make multiple live movies, streaming series, and comics. immediate successes (to say the least) because it is unclear whether the audience is particularly interested in another universe of interconnected content).

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It’s not just Lee’s catalog of Pow creations! Missing, because there are more than a few characters like Speed ​​of light, le Condor, and Lucky which, on paper, could easily become essentials in the future Stan Lee universe. But just slapping Lee’s name and face on a movie and a show isn’t a guaranteed path to success, especially once people have come to the obvious conclusion that these characters were not from the House of Ideas. The Stan Lee Universe Planned Could Actually Turn Out To Be Something More Than A Drift Of Cash Fueled By Lee’s Fame, But Until Something Comes Out Of This Partnership, It’s Hard To See It Like Any Other thing.

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