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Published on July 11, 2020 |
by Johnna Crider

July 11, 2020 by Johnna Crider

According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Model Y produced in Berlin is going to be a revolution in automotive body engineering. He just noted it in response to Tesmanian’s Eva Fox, who wrote an article on Volvo reverse engineering a model Y in Sweden.

The first model Y in Sweden has been registered and belongs to Volvo. The Y model will not enter the European market before the construction of the Berlin gigafactory (Giga Berlin), but Volvo imported the vehicle from the United States in order to try to learn it immediately, as is customary in this industry.

The beauty of this is that Tesla is not in the automotive industry to own it. The company simply wants to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy. The more automakers reverse the engineering of a Tesla so they can create their own version of a compelling EV, the better.

German engineering and Tesla Y model

When I read Elon’s tweet, what was clear to me was that he saw something in the years to come. As construction of Giga Berlin continues quickly, Elon’s tweets have shown me that he and the Tesla design team are constantly working to make Tesla vehicles more aerodynamic, more efficient and safer while maintaining low costs.

Think Cybertruck – each design element emphasizes Tesla’s efficiency while keeping costs low and delivering efficiency, while being unique in its own style. Each Tesla vehicle has its own style.

Elon Musk said at the WAIC conference that Tesla China has its own team of engineers. It will probably be the same for Giga Berlin. Germany is known for its superiority in engineering, and with Tesla having a factory in Berlin, it will attract German engineers to create even better versions of Tesla, which will then accelerate the transition to sustainable energy – the Tesla’s ultimate goal.

An article by Car and driver deepened VW’s meaning of “German engineering” and Stefan Gies, chassis development manager at VW, told them: “From my point of view, German engineering is synonymous with precision in everything we do – precision in design and what you feel in the car. Everything the driver touches and controls should instill that sense of confidence and precision. We want this person to feel that they have the car under control and that they will do exactly what they want. “

Giga Berlin Construction

Here, Tesmanien noted that the construction speed of Giga Berlin could exceed what many expected. The pace is surprisingly fast and the German factory is well ahead of the Giga Shanghai construction process. In the video below, Tobias Lindh showed the location of the buildings in Giga Berlin.

Today’s progress on Giga Berlin has shown that the railway unloading station is being prepared and a storage area under construction which would contain building materials.

The effect that Giga Berlin could have on Tesla’s car predecessors

Tesla started small not too long ago. However, he has become an industry giant.

When Tesla chose Giga Berlin, many thought the business was going downhill or joking. However, Tesla has repeatedly proven that it needs to be taken seriously. When Elon Musk said he could make fart noises in a car, Tesla did just that. Even being clumsy, Elon Musk means business. And in its quest to transition from the world to sustainable energy, Tesla is very serious.

The challenge that many have seen Tesla’s problem for European automakers is misunderstood. Tesla doesn’t say, “I’m going to come to Germany and steal all of your customers,” as many perceive the challenge. No, it’s more critical than that. Tesla demands that European automakers wake up before it is too late – not for their businesses but for humanity. Tesla says, “Evolve or die. ”

By installing a factory in Germany, Tesla puts its mission at the forefront of European manufacturers and will not be overlooked. The fact that Volvo bought a Tesla Model Y to do reverse engineering shows that at least one automaker is listening.

While the Model Y will be a revolution in automotive body engineering, Tesla’s presence in Germany will also continue to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution around the world.

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